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"Prom Expo" company stands out from the structures operating in Armenia with its working style organizing large exhibitions, events, festivals in accordance with international standards. Being founded in 2007, the company overcomes many difficulties in this sphere, and successfully implements interesting projects and programs. Today, the company organizes such large-scale projects as the “Pan-Armenian Expo”, “Construction and Interior”, “Drink Expo”, “Armenia Business Partner”, “ArmSign”, “Auto Show”, “Tea and Coffee”, “Spirit of Armenia” festivals; it organizes business-forums, various international events. Since 2016, it has been the main developer of the “ArmSecurity” and “ArmHiTec” exhibitions.

“International Project Management” corporation, also known as “IPM”, was founded by Mr. Ara Shahbazian. IPM is an international legal entity with more than 10 years of experience in business and commerce. IPM has employed well-experienced and professional experts in the fields of finance, law, and marketing to provide consultancy services globally to all commercial agencies and trading firms. IPM also helps startups for a successful and smart entry into Armenia’s market. IPM services include holding international specialized exhibitions, seminars, and conferences, sending and inviting companies from different countries in association with “Prom Expo Armenia” and with the support of the Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Economy, and Ministry of Advanced Technologies of Armenia. The vision of IPM is to develop the business relations of this country with any country that is interested in Armenia's market potentialities.


“Prom Expo” and “IPM” are two successful companies in the fields of “Business Relationship Management” and “International Exhibition Services” with extensive experience and successful collaboration background. Since both companies have gathered a talented and professional team, they recently decided to start their partnership with a long-term view. As a result of this partnership, they came up with a unique idea of establishing a new platform to develop the trade and economic relations between Armenia and worldwide countries; a virtual exhibition website.

The virtual exhibition is the first specialized and professional online platform in Armenia to introduce your business virtually, providing the permanent archive of all available companies, organizations, and businesses. It’s also an opportunity to find the best partners to collaborate with.

One of the advantages of this website compared to other similar platforms is that it consists of two separate parts, including the exhibition and the archive section

Nowadays, virtual exhibitions are becoming more popular by promoting B2B goods and services in a virtual marketplace, with no restrictions, anywhere, anytime. It also able direct communication between the sellers as virtual exhibitors and potential buyers as visitors.

Some people believe that virtual exhibitions cannot replace real ones, but low cost, broad coverage, and additional functions eventually will make them an undeniable leading feature of internet marketing. It's worth mentioning that a virtual exhibition event increases the adoption of the target audience worldwide.

Why Online Exhibitions?

The advantages of online exhibitions include:

All companies at any level can participate;

Goods or services can be placed in a virtual showcase without leaving the office and wasting time;

You can visit the Virtual exhibition at any convenient time, everywhere.

Some questions may come to mind, such as: “How many visitors will we have from virtual exhibitions?” Or “Will we achieve the desired results by a Virtual exhibition?”. To find a clear view, we give you the answers:

The increase in sales almost pays off all the costs of participating in a virtual exhibition;

All information about the company, goods, and services is permanently accessible as an online catalog.

Organizing and conducting training webinars and presentations help you to arrange your desirable training process, as well as obtain information about the novelties of your potential clients;

Participating in the referral marketing plan will bring you more income;

Global Virtual Exhibitions – Is It a Reality?!

The Internet is one of the most powerful creations of recent decades that offer an endless opportunity to promote your products and services. Since the internet is the basis of creating virtual exhibitions, work, promotion, and organizing communications, it only depends on the ambitions of the organizer of such online exhibitions to use all platforms and abilities to increase the scale of the exhibition globality.


Enjoyable, satisfying and flexible benefits

VirtualExpo is particularly attentive to the well-being of its employees and their working conditions. We offer our employees a pleasant environment and numerous benefits to satisfy both their professional and personal requirements.

  • Flexibility


    words.35 hours in 4.5 work days
    Possibility of working from home
    (40% of employees work from home regularly within the regulations)
  • Benefits


    Works Council
    Social benefits (restaurant vouchers, family health insurance 80% covered by the company, profit-sharing, 50% of public transport costs)
  • Team Building

    Team Building

    Team Incentives and Corporate Travel
    word.Encouraged carpooling


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